Barley- grain is now widely used for food, fodder and technical purposes, including brewing industry, in the production of pearl and barley meals. Barley belongs to the most valuable concentrated animal feed because it contains complete protein, rich in starch.

Sorghum – a spring wheat crop. Distinguished as a heat-loving, very high drought tolerance, salt resistance. Easily adapts to various soils. Cereals, flour and starch are industrially produced from sorghum seeds; wicker products, paper, brooms are made from sorghum straws

Corn- is used in many countries for the production of bread and other bakery products.

Oats – one of the most important forage crops. Oat Grains are used for the production of oat groats, oatmeal and flour. Oat flour is used in the baking industry and confectionery industry. Grain oats are used as raw material for the production of animal food. Oats is a valuable raw material for the pharmaceutical industry, it is the part of the majority of sports nutrition products, it is widely used in folk medicine and homeopathy.

Wheat – a leading cereal grain in many countries. Obtained from the grains of range of wheat flour it is used in the baking of bread, production of pasta and confectionery. Wheat is also used as a fodder crop, it is included in some other range of recipes.

Millet – one of the most important cereal crops. It has a high nutritional value, good taste and is one of the most common foods. The grain contains: protein – 10-15%, carbohydrate 59%, fat – 3.8%. Along with barley, flour is produced from millet. Its grains are used for the production of animal feed. Waste processing is also used for fodder.